Friday, July 23, 2010

Photoshoot for my design collections

Readymade for Hari Raya

Model : Bobo
Material : Satin for lace with patchlace handmade beadworks..
come out with 3 differents color..which is red n green...
Price : rm300.
This kebaya lace is for sale....for my readymade collections for dis upcoming Hari Raya puasa...but this collection is under my second label name..MINAMI HARIMI...Minami is me n Harimi is my bestfren-Remy..lets look at my facebook ya...;) btw,me n harimi or remy was decided to collabrate n work together as bisnes partner for our bisnes under label name MINAMI HARIMI..actually,he from differents world...he is "doktor mata"...but he very interested abt fabrics n,we being designer for our bisnes n he,settle all the admin,we just set up our bisnes one by one...slow but smooth...;)..So,people out there who need order for this limited readymade..just leave ur msg in d inbox comment ok...each color for this collections only have 8pieces..its handmade,couture by me...patch lace with handmade beadworks..;)
Party Dress

me in minami

Model: Bobo
Location : Taman Tasik Permaisuri.
Material: chiffon..Dutchess satin ....simple beadworks..

This design actually im design for myself...for my besfren's besday,i make it 4 inspiration 4 dis design is ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND.....hahhahaa..sgt2 berangankan??time ni i tgh sgt2 gemuk..but this dress also can use 4 someone yg nk buat pre-wedding,berlari-lari~~~~~dalam taman..sgt cute...

Evening Dress

Model: Bobo
Location : Taman Tasik permaisuri.
material : creepe satin...patch lace with beadworks handmade..

Di sebalik dress ni.......btw,i design n jahit sendiri dh lm dh after i finish my stdy kat UiTM dl..bosan sgt2 kat,i designla bju ni cz i have alots of fabrics yg asal suka je beli n beli tp xbuat2 dress pn.....i love fabric so so sooooooooo much...kadang2 tertidur atas lace..;)..mcm dh jd habit pl buat mcmtu..myb i dh gila sk kat fashion kot..hikhikhik..

Wedding dress

Model : Bobo
Location : Taman Tasik Permaisuri.
Material : Dutchess satin..chiffon..patch lace..

Design ni i buat time i praktical tranning kat Calvin Thoo dl..look like terlalu keras kot design ni..ngn patch lace merah tu.hhahaha..time ni br lg belajar..Calvin Thoo give me 1 task to do 1 design and have finish by date that he was give it to us(another fren-aety n prinses)each person have to come out with 1 dress and he was invited press from Berita Harian for interview us and do some photoshoot..Thanx alot Calvin..I love u so much..and dis design even look so keras2 thing but dh kua paper Berita Harian tau..hahhaha.. i love dis dress so much cz i start belajar from here..'belajar dr kesilapanla kan"..thanx to dear Calvin Thoo yg baik hati cz slama i practikal kat butik die,die byk bg support n tips2 tuk jd designer yg bjy..actly,he is my Mentor.

Thursday, April 23, 2009